As a boy I loved to make things. I had a passion for Sellotape, mud pies, and a deep and never ending creativity. Blue Peter was my ‘Thing’.

I found school challenging. There was a lot of bullying and they didn’t spot my dyslexia until very late. But I lost myself in dance and drama and built some beautiful friendships which have helped me in life.

When I found my passion for plants and flowers I excelled as I had found my vocation. I worked in the horticultural industry for 10 years.

I fell into the world of flowers completely by accident. After training at the famous Constance Spry Flower School under the ever watchful eye of Dorothy Robinson I learnt the meticulous art of floristry.

I went on to work for Terrance Conran and then freelanced throughtout London and Europe.

I started up Mathew Dickinson Flowers in the Noughties where I made some amazing contacts, decorated beautiful and exciting venues and met such an array of celebrities and world figures that it was a dream come true. In that time I worked on over 600 weddings.

I had a midlife crisis and I found the stress of running a business too much to cope with so I took a couple of years off to find myself.

And a miracle has happened. I feel like a phoenix rising from the ashes. I have started again with a new and invigorated spiritual life.

This journey has taught me so much. I am a much stronger person and the passion and creativity has exploded within me.

Come and be part of my journey, and let us work together with flowers.

All my honest love,

Mathew, and of course, Doris x