Peggy porschen 'summer picnic'


The theme for the Peggy Porschen shop display is “Summer Picnic”. The concept is to share cake and Champagne with your friends either in the shop or a local park or garden, with the chance to win a fabulous pink bicycle to get to any event!!

We have created a magnolia tree to frame the entrance of the shop dressed with rambling roses, garden roses and foxgloves, with a host of other woodland flowers and ivy. Featuring decorative signs expressing Peggy’s clients feelings for her delicious cakes like; “Truly scrumptious” and “cake heaven”. A truly wonderful and eye-catching display.


‘‘Thrilled to have won the People's Choice Award by #belgraviainbloom2017 for our Summer Picnic Installation by the incredibly talented Dickinson & Doris! Thank you everyone for supporting us and sharing your beautiful images of the Parlour!'


- Peggy Porschen


Video and photography by Pete&Tom and Matthew Batchelor.



Jo Loves mandrine


A beautifully intricate shop front installation to celebrate the release of Jo's new fragrance, Mandrine. A classic citrus cologne with a strong, contemporary and vibrant twist, Mandrine is masculine and powerful with clean, crisp citrus notes. The character of Mandrine is happy and relaxed, and reflects happiness and contentment with life.


‘Dearest Mathew, It was so wonderful spending time with you this week. I was really bowled over by the Christmas tree and garland and I have just walked into the Candle Studio and the tree is there! Thank you so much!'


- Jo Malone MBE, Jo Loves


Window concept: To create a strong and masculine, partially lime-washed tree with its base at street level. It rises to the right of the shop window, branching out along the front of the shop then though the window and into the shop.

The Mandrine tree is bedecked with oranges and orange foliage. Hanging from the tree is an array of Moorish style lanterns providing warm and subtle lighting.

Mathew and his team busy at work installing the tree branch structure.

During the day the striking tree with its bright oranges will give a wow effect to customers and passersby on the street and provide a perfect photo opportunity.

At night the lanterns come into their own with all the lights casting beautiful patterns in and around the shop.



Wyatt Wedding


'Dear Mathew and Team. Thank you for everything you did it was specular and truly amazing. We could not of wanted or asked for more.’

- Phil Jacqui & Emma Josh


Photography by Lynsey Grace.

Photography by Lynsey Grace.

Photography by Lynsey Grace.

Photography by Lynsey Grace.



Chelsea flower show


A beautiful and romantic garden reflecting all the plants and flowers that go into making the Jo Malone perfumes. The bed and bath are filled with tumbling flowers and plants as if you have filled the bath or sprayed your linen with perfume and the scent comes to life and tumbles into the room.



Peggy Porschen


'Mathew created the most stunning floral arch and window decorations for the Peggy Porschen Parlour in Belgravia. From our first meeting, through to the last finishing touches, Mathew was able to understand our brand's creative vision. The installation ran very smoothly and importantly it did not interrupt the day-to-day running of the Parlour. The arch made such an amazing impact, contributing to an uplift of our in-store sales as well as gaining high levels of interaction on our social media channels.'


- Peggy Porschen, Creative Director, Peggy Porschen Group Ltd



Hepburn wedding


‘Thank you, Mathew, for making our wedding so special. The arrangements were simply breath-taking. We had so many comments from our guests about the amazing flowers - everyone said how much they contributed to the success of the wedding.”


- R


Photography by Gabrielle McMillan.

Photography by Gabrielle McMillan.

Photography by Gabrielle McMillan.

Photography by Gabrielle McMillan.

Photography by Gabrielle McMillan.

Photography by Gabrielle McMillan.

Photography by Gabrielle McMillan.

Photography by Gabrielle McMillan.



Jo Loves Valentines


The inspiration for Valentines was the fragrance of white rose and lemon leaves. A clean crisp look of different varieties of white roses and lemons reflects the fragrance beautifully, with the open heart filling the window to give a romantic feel to the window display.



parker garden


I started in my career as a horticulturist and here is an example of my style and concept. The traditional London urban garden, with a central lawn surrounded by shrub planting, was replaced with a contemporary narrow pool with a wall at the end to hide a compost area and sheds. The mixed painting was all in green and white with Annabelle Hydrangea and Pyramidal Hornbeam to give a structured look and massed planting of bulbs for spring colour. A truly magnificent and spectacular transformation.




...And after!